Accessories - Frame support RMF S40

2 frame supports RMF S40 ADAPTED to WALL MOUNTS C40 and V40

RMF S40 is a kit of 2 frame supports compatible with the mount of RMF C40 and  RMF V40. On magnetic grip, laying the framework is extremely simple and requires only a few seconds.

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Product description


Equip all your frames and tables with the REVERSE MAGNET RMF supports S40 sold separately. Wall mounting RMF C40 on your wall will allow you to interchange your frames at leisure and a change of scenery at will.

How to use ?

The SUPPORT FRAME RMF S40 kit fits all types of frames as the canvas frame your favorite paintings. In fact, you can attach the bracket to the chassis aluminum, wood and PVC. For maximum attachment, you must SCREW the medium priority on the chassis of your frames and wooden tables, plastic (PVC, PS ...) or aluminum.

Otherwise, attach the on fund managers: STICK IT and SCREW IT by using the washers.



- 2 FRAME SUPPORTS  (40 x 23 mm) equipped with 2 magnets.

Each of these supports are delivered with 1 foam double sided tape, 2 washers and 2 screws and 1 vertical support self-sticking foam stop.

Please follow the RMF C40 and RMF V40 set up instructions