Accessories - Refil DF 40

Double-sided Refills RMF C40:

These removable double-sided without a trace allow to pick up the wall fixings REVERSE MAGNET (RMF C40) on healthy, smooth and undamaged finish (unless excluded finishes).

After disassembled, cleaned and degreased your wall mount RMF C40, equip it with its removable double-sided following the directions of installation of the video.

The double-sided are very powerful:

FOLLOW the instructions of installation.

the instruction
the video

Product description


Fixing RMF C40 is easily removed from the wall and leaves no trace, even after months and years of fixation. To remove the wall mounting your wall, you need to slowly and parallèment pull on your wall adhesive tabs. You will find that your wall is not damaged. Once your fixing removed, if you want to reuse it, you must remove any residue adhesive tabs and paste on your new fixing following the indications of the user manual.


The double sided tape pack that can be dismantled allow you to put frames up to 1.5 kg with RMF C40 and remove them without a trace on many surfaces* with primer, with good conditions, well finished, flat, smooth or not too rough,  finished at least 30 days before.

*EXCLUSIONS : porous surfaces, Teflon or silicon based products, vinyl wall papers, any anti-adhesive surface (example: highly pigmented paints) and panes (UV)

You can screw the fixing to any surface / The wall must be perfectly vertical / The wall has to be perfectly flat / Don’t fix above a bed / Don’t expose the double sided tapes to the UV / Keep the double sided tapes that can be dismantled away from children to avoid all risk of confusion with bubble gum / Application temperature: from -15° to + 40° C