Accessories - Refil DF 80

Refills for double-sided RMF C80 :

These removable double-sided without a trace allow to pick up the wall fixings REVERSE MAGNET (RMF C80) on a healthy surface, smooth and in good finish (unless excluded finishes).

After disassembled, cleaned and degreased your wall mount RMF C80, equip it with its removable double-sided following the directions of installation of the video.

the instruction
the video

Product description


The wall mount disassembles the wall without a trace, just pull the tabs of double-sided.

Do not pull obliquely on tongue, pull gently vertically and parallel to your wall.

* Your wall is not damaged

The double-sided are very powerful: RESPECT laying indications



Pack removable double-sided allows holding frames or tables with 4 Kg RMF C80 on many wall finishes, vertical, flat, smooth, healthy: tiles, wood sanded, painted or varnished, plastic, glass, wallpaper and comply paintings that must be determined by a sub tack coat


Do not stick your magnetic WALL FIXING on Teflon based finishes, silicone (eg expanded vinyl wallpapers) and all non-stick surfaces (eg paints very high concentration of pigments, velvety matt paints ...) all porous finishes, etc ...

CAUTION: The wall must be perfectly vertical / The wall must have a surface completely flat / Do not set above a bed / Do not expose removable double-sided UV / Do not allow to reach removable double-sided children in order to avoid confusion with chewing gum / temperature: -15 ° to + 40 ° C